Lynne Franks

Power of Seven


The Power of Seven

"The good news, at a time when media, politics and business are taking the world down a path of fear and violence, is the huge growth in community power and projects that are coming together to create a collaborative society.
"A co-operative society is an organic, evolutionary step away from the world we presently live in. When the power of national governments diminish, that power will naturally transfer into specific small and large networks that transcend national boundaries and link with one other. Consequently a new economic order could be created that truly rewards effort, including the caring of others. Distribution of land and natural resources would be fairly shared among the people who live on it and the need to conquer and repress others would not be a consideration.
"I believe this Utopian vision is very possible and never needed more than now. I feel that it will come about through small pods or circles, led by women and men who will become leaders in their communities, creating initiatives which will benefit the whole. As their stories and experiences spread through networks and technology, they will link with others and together they can inspire and influence a societal shift.
"The POD Effect, (the title of my my current book in the works) is happening everywhere, through small and big groups and can be seen in movements of change such as Transition Towns, Incredible Edibles, on and off-line community activism, co-operative renewable energy initiatives, society purpose businesses, local politics, community money, co-operation between farmers, educators and owners of public ground.
"This POD evolution starts with the passion and values of the individual, (Me), joining with like-minded others in Pods to create community initiatives (WE), whose stories get told by networks all over the world to create a societal shift (US)."